Frequently asked questions about the airport tours

1. Who can book an airport tour?

Our airport tours can be booked by anyone interested from the age of 18.

2. How many people can participate in a tour?

To maintain the minimum distance, the maximum number of people per tour is currently limited to 30 participants. There is no minimum number of participants. If there are more than 30 people, we can also guide two groups simultaneously. Please inquire separately. The person making the booking is responsible for compliance with the maximum number of persons. For single ticket tours, the maximum number of participants is 25 people and the minimum number is 10 people.

3. Are there age restrictions for the tours?

Kindergarten: Toddlers under the age of 5 unfortunately cannot participate in kindergarten tours.
Parents with children: When accompanied by a parent or guardian, there is no age restriction for children. However, due to the content, the duration of the tour and the length of the route covered on foot, we recommend participation from preschool age.

4. Are parallel tours also offered?

If more than 30 people want to take part in a tour, we may be able to lead two groups in parallel on request.

5. Which programm includes the airport tour and how long the tour last?

Details you will find here.

6. Where do the tours start?

The tours start at the meeting point for airport tours in our visitor centre SkyLand in Terminal 3, Gallery.

7. Participants with reduced mobility:

People with reduced mobility and in wheelchairs are welcome to take part in our guided tours. The persons accompanying the group are responsible for securing the wheelchairs on our buses during the tour and not our tour guide. Electric wheelchairs unfortunately cannot be taken along on the tour.

8. How can airport tours be paid for?

The following payment methods are available:

  • Transfer
  • On site (Cash desk SkyLand)

Please arrive at SkyLand in good time before the start of the tour to complete the payment process before the start of the tour.

9.  What does the payment method 'On site (Cash desk SkyLand)' mean?

You can pay for the tour before it begins at the ticket office in SkyLand, the meeting point for the airport tours. The payment methods available there are cash, EC and credit cards as well as Apple and Googlepay.

10. Information about the transfer

IBAN: DE88 6005 0101 0001 3297
Institute BW Bank Stuttgart
Subject: "Invoice number" + "Customer number"
Please ensure receipt of an invoice no later than one week before the start of the tour and please bring a printout of the transfer as proof of payment.

11. Can I cancel an airport tour that has already been booked and paid for?

A tour that has already been booked and paid for can be cancelled free of charge up to 7 days before the start of the airport tour. The amount will be refunded by bank transfer. In the event of a mere no-show without prior cancellation, we will charge you for the costs of the tour.
If the minimum number of participants of 10 people is not reached for explicit individual tours, Stuttgart Airport reserves the right to cancel the tour up to 7 days before departure. Of course, you will receive a refund of the ticket price.

12. What items am I not allowed to take with me?

During the tour, you will also access the security area of the airport. Therefore, weapons or sharp objects, such as pocketknives, compass or scissors, may not be taken along. We will safely store these items for you and hand them back to you at the end of the tour. Drinking bottles may be carried for the duration of the tour after a security check! If possible, please refrain from using skin care products, perfumes, etc. so that the checks can be carried out quickly. For the duration of the tour, you can use the existing lockers for your pointed items.

We ask that you do not bring large strollers, handcarts and large hiking backpacks. We cannot store these items for you during the tour due to space limitations.

13.  Are pets allowed on the guided tour?

For safety reasons, pets are not allowed on a guided tour.

14. Is it allowed to take photographs and videos?

You are welcome to film or photograph for private use during the tour. Exceptions are the personal control, the fire brigade and the baggage department. You are not allowed to film or take pictures here. Please also make sure that you do not accept any persons without their express consent or, in the case of children, the consent of their legal guardians. Our guides will name those places where you can take pictures without worries.

15.  Who is responsible for the supervision of children?

The following applies to all groups with children: If children (including infants under the age of 5) are present, the official accompanying adults are responsible for supervision. They are responsible for ensuring that the children follow the guide’s instructions for safety reasons. If our staff’s safety instructions are disregarded, the tour can be called off without a refund.

16. Where can visitor groups park their private coach bus?

Visitor groups arriving with a private coach bus can park the bus free of charge on our  separate coach park.

17. Where can I park if I arrive by car?

Public parking spaces are available at the airport for everyone arriving by car. More details on the airport website.

18. Do I have to bring an identity card to the tour?

No. You do not need a passport or identity card for your airport tour.

19. Are the tours offered in other languages?

Our guided tours are also offered in English. For parallel tours, either one or both groups can be guided in English.

20. Do you also offer guided tours for individuals?

We do not currently offer open tours for which you can book single tickets. However, you can book a group ticket with a smaller group.

21. Detailed information on individual tours

You can purchase tickets on site or online until the start of the tour if the maximum number of people is not reached. The tour takes place from a minimum number of participants of 10 people. You will be informed in good time should the tour be cancelled.  Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the tour to introduce yourself with your booking confirmation (when booking online) at the counter. Please pay the amount there before the tour starts.
In case of no-show without timely cancellation (see cancellation), your place will go to interested guests in the area.  In this case, there is no refund of the amount already paid. If you have not yet transferred, we will charge the tour.

Please do not take strollers or buggies with you on the tour. They cannot be stored in SkyLand for safety reasons and extend waiting times at the checkpoints.

22. Recommendation guided tours with young children

The tour lasts about 2 hours. Please make sure to bring only the absolutely necessary luggage to the child. On the one hand, this speeds up the person control, on the other hand, the children carry the backpack over the entire tour.

23. Do you have any questions to our airport tours? 

We call you back. Contact:

Frank Dizinger, Senior Expert Guided Tours
Phone: +49 711 948 3754

24. Do you want to give us feedback about your airport tour?

You participated in an airport tour and would like to share your thoughts with us? We are looking forward to receiving both positive comments and constructive feedback! You are welcome to share your impressions with us using the feedback form. Of course, you can also use our online contact form.